Pipe Insulation:

  • Fiberglass
  • Mineral Wool
  • Elastomeric Foam
  • Cellular Glass
  • Polyisocyanurate

Ducting Insulation:

  • Rigid Board
  • Flexible Wrap
  • Grease Wrap

Accessories & Finish:

  • PVC, Fitting Covers & Jacket
  • Canvas, Jacket
  • Metal Fitting Covers & Jacket
  • Removable Covers
  • Glass Fabric Jacket

Electric Heat Trace:

  • Freeze Protection​
  • Temperature Maintenance
  • De-Icing Systems


  • F, T, W, H, L Ratings on the following:
  1. ​Metallic& non Metallic piping
  2. Electrical Trays & Penetrations
  3. Architectural Joints
  4. ​Courtain Walls

Here at Nelson's Mechanical Insulation Services, we do our very best to make sure that we cover all of your Insulation needs. Whether you need Insulation services, Fire Stop System or Electrical Heat Trace, no job is too big or too small for us. Our staff is Friendly, Knowledgeable and Professional leaving you in good hands. A properly Insulated Installed insulation system offers immediate and long-term benefits, 

Safety and protection of personnel

Reduces energy cost

A Product & Service List

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The Benefits

Covering all aspects of Commercial Mechanical Insulation

Prevents moisture condensation

Improves appearance



Acoustical performance

Enhances process performance of mechanical equipment

Fire protection